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Why Choose Us?
About Information Services Group (ISG)
Information Services Group (ISG) is rightly headquartered in the IT capital, Bengaluru. Established in 2010, the company is uniquely and strategically positioned to offer end-to-end services of highest quality in Technical Documentation.


ISG has a clearly defined ethical policy in keeping with the ethos of the company. Confidentiality and data protection reigns supreme on the list. The policy is strictly implemented and the team is bound by it. Much emphasis is also placed on Commitment and Dedication to quality and on-time delivery.


Technical Documentation is critical and important. ISG has in place time-tested processes and procedures to consistently deliver high-quality and time-bound documents.

Mapping the role of the document to the target audience is the preliminary step in defining and determining the success of the output. Periodic reviews and quality checks ensure uncompromised quality deliverables.


A competent, efficient and proficient team is the pride of ISG. The company has a carefully chosen hand-picked team of Technical Writers dedicated to their calling. Each member can work collectively as a team or handle projects independently.

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